Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Boredom Chronicles

What happens when it snows enough to cancel school, but not enough to play in?

Nothing good.

So, to make the best out of this pitifully boring day, why not prank Liam?


My new identity was now the Toy Master. I flipped Liam's room around from average boy room to insanity on a stick.

My Ransom Note

Monopoly Piece on top of snowglobe

Avenging Trophy

Zombies riding various vehicles

Serial Killer Tiger and it's victims

Toy eating dragon

And my personal favorite-

What happens when SpiderMan and PlayMobile interact.


Trixie said...

How did Spidey get out of that predicament? And how did Liam handle it? Did you make your mom run screaming from the room?

KatDoc said...

Aaah - new ways to torture a younger sibling. This is the kind of thing I come to "This Random Life" to appreciate! Why didn't I ever think of this with my little sister (one hundred years ago.)


Mel said...

How did Liam react???

*Shannon said...

Ha this is really funny! Too bad my brother's room is a crazy mess already! I like the toy-eating dragon. :)

Bridie said...

yah, the spiderman one is also my favourite. very funny :)
what did he think of it all btw?