Monday, February 4, 2008

Chet Baker's Girlfriend

Chet Baker has many women in his life.
Daisy, Alapocus, but, most of all, Saturn.
This is the very pretty, playful Springer Spaniel that Chet "flirts" with whenever he visits town.
They love to play their own version of Michael Vick's dog fights. But this is pretend, really. Chet coaxes us to believe this.

"Chet Baker, you'd better calm down!"

"But Mether, I was just tickling her." -snorgle-

"See? Just little nibbles on the mezzlepuffs!"

"You have a very white chest, M'lady."

PS- I don't think I'm going to post on Sundays. People are at Church and going for some good 'ole Sunday drives. -cough-

1 comment:

Mary said...

NO! Chet has a girlfriend? Please say it isn't so! Bella will be crushed! Tee-hee.

Don't ya just love watching dogs rumble? Cute photos, Phoebe!