Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weird Weather!

The weather we've had for the past two days has been insane. I woke up Tuesday morning to 60°, rainy. I pulled out my capris, went to school, yadda yadda yadda, until it was time for bed. I slept like a rock until 2 AM when the winds started. 50-60 MPH gusts (Which popped up throughout the day). And I'm such a weather freak, that when a gust goes on for more than 10 seconds, I jump up and look out my window to see if there's a tornado blowing around. So after a trip to mommy's room, the wind died down, and I finally fell asleep around 6. The clock magically turned to 7:45 AM (15 minutes before bustime). I got on the bus with sleep crust still in the corners of my eyes, and headed to school. It had been, oh, 40 minutes, until the teachers were summoned to the hallway. We were going back home, because the creek across from our school was dangerously close to spilling onto the road. 20 minutes after that was announced, the rain stopped and the sky started to brighten. When we were on the busride home, the sun came out. It would go from dark, to clear and sunny, and then cloud back up again. But there was a light at the end of the rainbow... I mean... day... **Sunset post coming soon!**


Trixie said...

Phoebe, what awesome weather photos! I used to curl up in Mommy's room, too, when I was a girl in southern Ohio. Now I'm the mommy!

BTW, I awarded you something. Come check it out.

ncmountainwoman said...

What a great post. Great story and wonderful pictures. You rock!

Mary said...

Phoebe, that's a best photo of a rainbow I've seen in a long time! Bravo!

Your wild weather came my way today, and as I type this, I hear the rocking chairs on the front porch beating against the rails. It's wild out there! Gotta go.

Mel said...

Beautiful pics! We have no snow in Lima (Peru), no rain and therefore no rainbows :(
I think we get around 2mm of rain A YEAR, so last year, when I moved to Buenos Aires (Argentina) to study I freaked out a few times when storms and heavy rains flooded the city!
Your posts are great for me to learn a little bit more about a place far away, thank you!