Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sunset of the Gods

Well, after a rumble of thunder, ten second down pour, and 60 MPH gusts of wind, I think the weather gods were ready to repay us.
There's not much to say, just lots to look at.

There was a huge, wonderful lavender hue.

After the sun went down-

Awesome pink puffs

But, after rewarding us with that great sunset, it is now a freezing rain/snow mix with wind. =P

PS- All of the photos (except for one) were taking by Julie Zickefoose.


Mary said...

Phoebe, the 5th photo was breathtaking. All of them are wonderful but I love that bright, golden sun. Glad you're safe and enjoyed the view.

Trixie said...

Sunset bonus. Isn't it wonderful to feel a debt paid?

KatDoc said...

Super stuff, Phoebe! I especially like the "Before and "After" theme you've got going.

Steal, er - I mean "borrow," yeah, that's right "BORROW" all the photos you can from your Parental Units, but don't forget to let us see your work too!

~Kathi, glad Phoebe is not posting from the Land of Oz after all that wind

BT3 said...

Nice post FeeFee! Sorry I missed that sunset from the tower. I am enjoying it vicariously here in your fabbo blog, however. Hey! Shouldn't you be studying for the distrikt speling bea? love, Da

emily of PA said...

WOW! Realy great pictures of the sunset there. I always love to rush to a clear opening where I can see it all. My favorate place to watch sunsets is at the waters edge, so that you can see the reflection of it in the water.

Mel said...

Great pictures! Greetings from PerĂº!

Susan said...

I'm so behind reading my favorite bloggers' posts (which just happen to include JZ & bt3), that today was the first I learned of your blog - great stuff!

Anonymous said...

My old blog was shut down, so here is my new one: