Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008- Year of the Potato


HAPPY 2008!

Aaanywho, I was listening to NPR on my way into a party, and heard the most wonderful news EVER.
2 double 0 8 is the year of the POTATO!
My favorite food!
(Besides Lima Beans and toast)



NatureWoman said...

Mmmmm, potatoes, now that *is* great news! Happy New Year! Happy Potato Year!

KatDoc said...

I love potatoes, any way you fix 'em, but you can have all my lima beans. (ugh)

Happy 20-ought-8!


What kind of verification word is "bfhvnskd?"

Liza Lee Miller said...

It's official then. I'm cooking potatoes for dinner tonight. YUM! No Lima Beans though. :)

Kathy said...

Congratulations on your new blog Phoebe! I love potatoes too, so this is bound to be a good year!

emily of PA said...

omg i LOVE potatoes!
they're like the most awesome thing in the world
i would live on them if i could
anywhoo, im 10 years old and i go to TEMS(which in other form is tredyffrin/easttown middle school, but that is just 2 long!)
my mom is heather from PA and she reads your moms blog
my mom called me over to show me that u had a blog
i think its sooo cool that kids can blog
im now begging my mom to let me have 1
ok, now i think my comment is getting a little long
2 rap it up, i think that it is 2 cool that you're blogging and you'l keep hearing from me:)

Sara said...


Your own Blog, congratulations !
I enjoyed seeing the Mr. Potato Head picture, many years ago it was a favorite toy of mine. More than once, I was in trouble for poking holes in the potatoes from the kitchen. Yes, it was soooo long ago, we used real potatoes !

Wishing you a wonderful 2-00-8, including lots of spuds (and limas) on your plate.


Zoey said...

Kudos to the Taters. 'O8 is bound to be a good year knowing that! Pheobe go look at my blog. * Points to name. * You're mom looks at my moms blog. ( Crazy old blogging ladies! )

~ Zoey

Trixie said...

This Crazy Old Blogging Lady wonders what LAST year was the year of? Hmmmm...

Mary said...

Mmmmm. Love lima beans.

Happy New Year, Phoebe! May it be filled with lots of spuds and beans :o)

Mr. Potato Head reminds me of the math chairperson at the high school where I worked...he was bald. During the holidays, he had a Christmas tree in his classroom adorned with 40 Mr. Potato Heads - one for every year of teaching.

shila said...

Oh Phoebe, your blog is WAYYYY cool. The blog looks great, has fabulous photos and the content is rich! I need to take computer lessons from you. You have mastered the medium. Have loads of fun in the blogosphere.


BT3 said...

PLT: Who is THIS:
"Gud jawb, FiFi!"

proud of you TaterGrrl!