Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chet's Baby II


Sorry, I kinda fell off the blogging horse there.

Aaanyyway, Chet Baker got a new babehh for Christmas.
It was wrapped in very prutty paper.

He opened it up, and found... a brand spanking new babehh!

It is a nice babehh, but he still misses Babehh I.

He stands tall and proud over it though.

Hmm. This babehh looks mighty tasty!

I will not chew, I will not chew, I... I... WILL CHEW!

He cannot resist a babehh's charm.



jemkagily said...

Poor babeh. Is it blind yet? Chet could start his own band: the Blind Boston Babehs of Indigo Hill.


Phoebe said...

Hey Wendi!

Chet knows some other Boston terriers named for musicians. He has play dates with Jack Black. His half-sister is Ella Fitzgerald. And we just learned of a one-eyed Boston rescue named Bing Crosby. Bill pointed out that it wouldn't be much of a band, since they're all vocalists.


Grace, Every Day said...


Doesn't Chet get depressed after he blinds his babies? If he goes back to his old ways and then suffers too much regret, you can send him to sunny Virginia for a stint in rehab. We'll be glad to work with him for a week or so....

Mary said...

A Boston's babehh should not have seams or eyes. The boy can't help it. He'll just have to have new babehhs once he blinds them.

It's the same story at our house. Ten minutes out of the shopping bag and the poor babbehs are missing limbs.

Those are great photos of Chet, Phoebe. I wonder why he and Bella need to sit on the back of the couch and not on the seat. Must be part mountain goat.

Trixie said...

Oh, Chet's new babeh. How sweet! Nice photos.

Zoey said...

Poor Babeh,
blind as a dingbat. ( Albeit a dingbat mauled by a loving BT. )

~ Zoey

KatDoc said...

Atta girl, Phoebe! Respond to a challenge with a Chet Baker entry. No one can resist his charms.

We all fall off the horse from time to time. I am one to talk - I have been known to go a week without a post.


You ought to know a Boston Terrier wouldn't denign to sing back-up. Obviously an all-BT band would consist of nothing but lead vocalists!


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest. As you know, I've fallen off said horse a couple times. We once gave one of our dogs a babeh. (Morgan.) The head got ripped off after a month. I'd hate to see what our other pup would do if he had his very own babeh, he's more playful and aggressive...


"The dingo ate meh baheh!" Well...the terrier, but who's checking. Phoebe! You and the other Indigohillites are contributing to canid infanticide! I would hate to have to report such behavoir to the ASPCA! :) P.S. Here's your spelling bee word for the day: Bewusstseinslage!

emily of PA said...

I think it's very funny that chet thinks of the stuffed animal as his own babeh. Whenever we give my dog Suki a stuffed toy, it's only a matter of seconds until she rips a hole in the seam and pulls the stuffing out. Then she stares at you until you restuff the toy so she can pull the stuffing out again to repeat her ritual.


Cynna66 said...

I've noticed stuffies don't last very long with Bing around. Many a carcass lay strewn about my living room floor thanks to Bing-the-Conqueror. Sad really...fortunately he has a Cuz and a Kong chew toy that seem to rise to the challenge.

I am the mom of the aforementioned Bing Crosby, the one-eye'd Terrier (or is that terror?) Maybe I could teach him to play the toy piano so the band wouldn't be all just vocalists ;D

Love the puppeh photos, so cute!