Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Busride...

...Was fairly boring, as usual.

Until we got half way down one of our insane backroads.

All of a sudden, some gigantic tree had fallen right infront of us.
It was too low to go under, and the limbs that were hanging were much too high for anyone to reach.

So, my busdriver called the township.
They said that they'd "be right there", but apparently "right" means and hour.

Oh, and did I mention that it was SNOWING the whole time?

So, we waited an hour or two, (I was hallucinating things) and finally two guys with a tiny chainsaw pull up in a monster truck. One guy gets out (and from what my friends and I could tell, the other guy was taking a nap the whole time.

So, the working guy gets out and climbs up on the bank where the tree is hanging from, and SAWS THE WHOLE THING OFF. It was so cool!
My friend and I agreed that it was WAY better than cable.

But, then it took another hour to clear the tree.

Well, that was my morning.

I apologize to my unexplained absence. I blame.. Uh.. the evolution of mechanical pencils. Yeah, that's the ticket. *shifty eyes*


mon@rch said...

So sorry to hear about your long wait on the bus! Glad that everyone was safe and I bet you wished you had your mechanical pencils with you!!

Trixie said...

Did you make it to school before or after lunch?

Julie Zickefoose said...

I spoke to Sue the Bus Driver this morning and she said that had Phoebe called me (which would mean she'd have had to have a cell phone and reception, neither of which applies) that I could have taken Phoebe and Liam off the bus. In retrospect it was probably more interesting to watch a guy cut a tree for an hour than sit around in math class, right, Phee?

Trixie said...

Oh, and Liam looks VERY dressed up. Why is that?

Mary said...

None of the school buses I remember had heat. I hope you had some...

Yes, the delay is far better than sitting in a boring math class, for sure!