Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Brother


Here is my interview with William Henry.

Q & A

P: So, Liam, what's your favorite color?
L: Hmm... I would think... Dark blue with shadows.
P: That's cool. Do you like making shadows on your drawings?
L: That's what I was thinking about! Well, I don't do them usually lately, but I do them sometimes. An artist has to take a break now and then, ya know?
P: What kind of art do you like to do most?
L: *silent tapping* I like to draw penguins. It's my hobby to do art. And those little furballs, called puffles? They look like hairballs that cats cough up.
P: Eww! What is the grossest thing you've ever seen?
L: Well, the grossest thing I've ever seen is when this boy I know reaches down to get his pencil and you can buttcrack 50 feet.
P: Yuck. So, how is school going for you?
L: It's going really good. I have this girl called Brooke. She's the girl of my dreams. I would love to date her. But I'm too young for that.
P: Awesome! What kind of grades are you getting?
L: I'm getting mostly Es and little stars.
P: Great! Do you like your teacher?
L: Yep! And she has something called the blue bucket. And if you do something hard, then you can get toys, and pieces of candy. It's really fun.
P: Do you get a lot of stuff from the bucket?
L: Well, usually not. It's like I'm a bad egg, but only cool.
P: How cool are you?
L: Well, sometimes nerdy, but, ooh, today, I was steaming, sizzling hot!

P: Did Brooke notice?
L: Yeah, she complimented on my mohawk today.
P: Nice. What was the coolest thing about you today?
L: Is it okay if I use two?
P: Yep.
L: Well, number one is my mohawk, and number two is my jean jacket.

L: I'm getting tired of this.
P: Well, then I'll wrap it up. Do you have a shoutout you'd like to make?
L: Okay. Peace everyone! And a rockin', sizzlin', happy new year! tsssssss.
P: Thank you Liam!
L: Any time, P, any time.



Trixie said...

Excellent interview and uber fantastico use of posterization.

I feel you really captured your brother.

BT3 said...

Words of wizdom from my two favorite little peeps.

Julie Zickefoose said...

This is waaay cuter than any Chet Baker post. You have caught lightning in a bottle, Shoom in a can.

Zoey said...

What version of Photoshop did you use?

Mary said...

Your photos are amazing, Phoebe! It's great to see Liam in highlights! Very cool. I can think of two other people who would grant you an interview :o)

T.R. said...

Phoebe, you have got some calls holding. Line One is Oprah, Line Two Letterman and Line Three - those gal pals from the View.

The world is out - you are a star! Practice your autograph. The apple did not fall far. Sump'in tells me you're gonna have the world eating out of your hand.

Phoebe said...

zoey- It's a program on Macs called PhotoBooth where you can take a picture in various settings.

t.r.- Thank you so much!

Everyone else, thanks. =]

KatDoc said...

Awesome interview, Miss Phoebe. And terrific subject. Liam, dude, you ARE the coolest. But, I agree, you are too young to date right now. Keep workin' on your art, man, but don't forget the math homework.

Miss you both,


Susan Gets Native said...

Now, I knew Liam was cool, but I had no idea that he was SIZZLING cool!
Very cute, P.

Anonymous said...

Mohawks are not cool but mullets are! Liam grow your hair out and get that "Joe Dirt" mullet your parents will be proud!

Janeyms said...

Phoebe, Just found your site today and have to say I loved it! Your photos of your brother are wonderful but Chet's made my day! I really enjoyed trolling here and will make it a daily coffee break after trollin' Mom and Dad's. So when are you writing the book?